High-quality barrels

Precision for the perfect shot

In the last 5 years mainly drawn in precission Shooting runs against the pressed again have almost fully enforced. This led to extreme delivery times from the manufacturers of good rifled barrels and was therefore the reason for the 2008 decision made to draw itself runs in small series.

The material for the courses will be delivered as bar stock (US 416 Stainless), then cut and laid in the oven. For deep hole drilling, the blanks are sent to an external specialized company. After the run has now turned to the desired outer contour, it is again relaxed in the furnace, to reduce any stresses in the material to a minimum. Only now it is so far, the ground run on a CNC lathe in his field diameter and is then lapped by hand. After the first Läppdurchgang run with self designed and manufactured drawing tools will be drawn on the CNC machine. In this old manufacturing method, the trains are individually cut with a chip thickness of 0.002 mm and then lapped again by hand and checked with the endoscope.

Run changes are performed by us in almost all peating and calibres.

e.g. Interchangeable barrels for Blaser R93 and R8 we manufacture with a locking sleeve made of hardened stainless tool steel, in which the barrel is then screwed.