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The precise sporting weapon that leads to success in all competitions

Through perfection to precision – this sentence probably describes the development process of the “Elypse” best. An uncompromising technical concept, coupled with the latest manufacturing processes and high-quality materials characterize this sports equipment.


Through perfection to precision

Features of our sporting rifles

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1. Action

The special shape of the action immediately catches the eye of the attentive observer: an elyptic cross-section counteracts the barrel vibrations that occur mainly vertically and at the same time saves weight at points subject to less stress. The shape, which tapers from front to rear, ensures high stability at the barrel root and weight savings at the rear.

2. Bolt

The bolt of the “Elypse” is equipped with a ground-in 6-lug locking mechanism and is made of 2 parts. The bolt head is made of tempered stainless steel to ensure maximum stability, while the body on the Light Varmint is made of lightweight titanium.

3. Firing pin

The use of a ball cage to linearly guide the firing pin provides arguably the most consistent firing energy on the market. In addition, roller bearings are attached to the cocking cam as well as the points of contact with the system for easy opening. By means of a screw at the rear end of the bolt, the spring force of the firing pin can be continuously adjusted. In order to prevent any tension and to ensure exact concentricity of the firing pin, the firing pin is split.

4. Stock

In order to achieve a perfect compromise between vibration damping and weight, carbon fiber mats are laminated onto a balsa wood core in a specially manufactured mold for the stock. Both the negative shape of the system and the trigger guard are introduced directly during lamination, so as not to unnecessarily interrupt the fiber structure of the carbon by subsequent milling work.

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"When the water moves the rock, this is true power. When the hawk strikes its prey, this is precision. The same is true for the successful gunsmith."

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Andy Atzl

As a multiple winner of various European, state and national championships as well as vice world champion, our managing director and master gunsmith is your direct contact.