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High quality rifled barrels

Outstanding precision for the perfect shot

In the last 15 years, rifled barrels have again almost completely prevailed over the squeezed ones, especially in precision shooting sports. This led to extreme delivery times for the manufacturers of good rifled barrels and was the reason for the decision made in 2008 to produce barrels in small series with the „Single Cut Rifling Method“ like the well-known US benchrest barrel manufacturers.

The material for the barrels is supplied as bar stock (US 416R Stainless), then cut to size and stress relieved in the furnace. Afterwards the blanks are drilled on the in-house
deep hole drilling machine. After the barrel has been machined to the desired outer contour, it is stress-relieved again in the furnace to reduce any stresses in the material to a minimum. Now the barrel is ready to be reamed to its field diameter on our CNC barrel reamer. Subsequently, the barrel is machined on the in-house developed and built CNC rifling machine. In this machining process, the barrels are cut individually with a chip thickness of 0.002 mm and then lapped by hand and inspected with an endoscope.

Barrel changes are performed by us in almost all bolt action rifles and calibers. E.g.we make exchangeable barrels for Blaser R93 and R8 with a locking extensions of original Blaser barrel steel, into which the barrel is then screwed.

We would like to thank the Blaser company for granting us the license to produce R8 barrels.

In order to keep up with the times, we wind thin barrel cores in various diameters and
weights with carbon rovings directly onto the barrel steel. This has the advantage that a wrapped
carbon barrel has the weight of a slim barrel, the shooting performance of an average barrel and the outer external dimensions of a strong barrel.

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