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Important questions and answers about our precision weapons

You can find information from countless consultations and many years of experience here.

To help you choose your rifles or to provide knowledge, we invite you on a trip to our FAQs. We have compiled the most important questions from our many consultations and presented them here.

How long are your delivery times?

It depends on the product:

De zum Jager’n 18 Months
Elypse 6-8 Months
Run changes and alternate runs 3-6 Months
Barrel blanks 2-4 Months
Triggers mostly available immediately, please enquire

We do not offer express service or similar, as we treat all customers equally.

No, we do not give a group size guarantee in this sense. We believe that the weapon configuration and especially the available calibre range are too different to reduce them to one number. And above all, the reloading skills and the quality of the scopes are too different.

However, you can be sure that you will get a very good shooting performance according to your weapon configuration.

Since we keep receiving calls and emails with utopian ideas, we would nevertheless like to give you some indications for realistic average group circles.

The group circle is a circle through the centre (not around it!) of the shots that are furthest apart in a group.

The average group circles given below are by definition an average of several group circles of 3 shots for hunting calibres or 5 shots for match calibres. Of course, every runaway also counts! Please note this, as the utopian notions mentioned above often arise from the fact that shooters like to talk about the best range ever achieved, rather than the average range of their weapon.

Here then are some indications for average group circles of 5-shot groups, shot at 100m in the firing channel with optimal rest and matched ammunition:

For hunting bullets, please multiply the group circle by 1.5.

.222 Remington 10mm
.243 Winchester 12
6mm PPC 8mm
6,5 Creedmoor 12mm
.308 Winchester 12mm
.270 WSM 12mm
.300 WSM 15mm
.338 Lapua Magnum 18mm

Basically, each run is to be regarded as an individual. What works for one run does not necessarily work for another theoretically identical run.

Therefore, the question posed above cannot be answered in this way. Of course, the chance of finding the optimal load for a barrel and its intended use is significantly increased when reloading. Nevertheless, it happens that barrels with the cheapest series ammunition achieve top results.

Of course, there are certain empirical values which series ammunition or components in reloaded ammunition often lead to good results. We will then be happy to share this experience with you.

But unfortunately, there is usually no way around testing on target and game.

Unfortunately, this is a very sensitive issue because the needs and requirements are simply very different. Due to the silencers, almost everyone wants a short barrel.

But with every centimetre, speed and thus energy is lost. The time needed for the powder to build up pressure evenly is also missing. That is why runs that are too short are often a little more sensitive.

But we think the most important thing is to make the rifle so easy to handle that you really enjoy taking it with you!

We try to keep our office overhead as low as possible, so we don’t make separate offers, we prefer to use this time for our craft.

Our products are fairly priced, so we cannot grant any discounts.

We will be happy to send you price lists of all our products.

With the exception of standard parts (springs, bolts, screws,…) and the butt plate, all our products are 100% manufactured in-house.

Raw material is delivered by the steel and wood trader and finished guns, barrels and triggers leave our house.

Our rifles are not designed according to economic aspects. So in order to be able to offer you a maximum of weaponry, we only distribute directly. On the one hand, to maintain a cultivated relationship with the customer, and on the other hand, not to unnecessarily increase prices for the customer.

You can buy exchangeable barrels either directly from us or through a dealer.

You can purchase prints either directly from our online shop, from selected wholesalers such as the Manfred Alberts company and Edgar Brothers or from your trusted gunsmith.

In principle, we are obliged to provide a legal warranty.

Anything beyond that, we usually treat “with common sense”. If a problem is clearly our fault, then we will of course remedy this problem without any ifs and buts, even after the statutory warranty. If the problem was obviously caused by gross misconduct on the part of the customer, we will charge for repairs. For the cases in between, we always try to find the most accommodating way possible.

We rifling our own barrels and use only these.

At present we only produce barrels with 5 rifling in calibres from .217 (.22lr) to .413 (10.3mm). The twist length can be chosen freely, although we have fixed on odd “shot numbers” due to the recognition of built-in barrels. The available contours can be found in the contour list in the download area. Special contours are also possible for an additional charge.

For R8 and R93 no. We manufacture locking sleeves into which the barrel is then screwed.

With K95 yes. Unfortunately, we need the hook piece of an old barrel into which the interchangeable barrel is then screwed or soldered.

This depends on the calibre of the care and above all on the demands made with regard to shooting performance.

We have rarely changed a barrel under 5000 rounds. However, with real “barrel killers” it can be half that amount and with gentle calibres it can be 10,000 and more.

However, the stainless steel barrel has the advantage, especially when used with silencers, that it does not rust. We have already changed far more rusted barrels than shot out ones.

Yes, because hammered barrels exhibit work hardening.

In most cases, however, this difference is irrelevant. Most hunters take far fewer shots in their entire hunting life than any rifled barrel can withstand. The sport shooter naturally takes many times more shots. However, he should ask himself whether he is not compensating by far for the additional costs of a rifled barrel by consuming less ammunition due to the inherently better precision.

Our barrel steel bears the material number US416R according to the American AISI steel standard and, with a chromium content of approx. 13%, is one of the stainless steels.

It is exactly the same stainless steel used by the best precision barrel manufacturers in the USA.

For this purpose, we have special burnishing processes that are precisely matched to this type of steel.

The resulting surface does not come 100% close to the classic bluing in terms of abrasion resistance and strength of the black tone. However, in contrast to the classic bluing, it only serves visual purposes, as no corrosion protection is necessary due to the choice of steel.

To exploit the full potential of a rifled barrel and to benefit from longer cleaning intervals, we strongly recommend that you shoot your barrel!

You can find instructions on how to do this in our download area.

Yes. A thread protection ring is included as standard with all barrel threads.

Attached you’ll find a list with the recommended lengths.

Twist list

Yes, both the “de zum Jager’n” and the “Elypse” are available in a full left-hand version. Combinations (e.g. left-hand shaft and right-hand system) are also possible.

Since left-hand versions are usually loss-making (smallest batch sizes, full stock-keeping and, above all, often almost double the design and programming effort), we take the liberty of charging a small part of this as a surcharge for left-hand versions. This surcharge can be found in the price lists.

Yes and No. If by “custom” you mean that you determine the components installed, then no.

However, if you understand custom to mean that the rifle is equipped according to your needs and that you can determine all parameters such as calibre, twist, barrel length, barrel contour, stock shape, stock length etc. yourself (and usually at no extra charge), then the “de zum Jager’n” is very, very “custom”!

Enclosed you will find the exact weight specifications for the “de zum Jager’n”.

Weight list “de zum Jager’n”

When ordering, you can choose whether you want mounting bases with 11mm prism or Picatinny bases mounted.

This means that practically all mounts designed for either 11mm prism or Picatinny rail will fit. Basically, of course, we recommend our technically mature and optically matching tilt-up mount, which is available in various diameters and heights.

In addition, our mounting bases have the same bore spacing as Sauer uses for the Sauer 200. This means that (after thorough testing and minor adjustments if necessary) all mounts that fit on a Sauer 200 can also be mounted on a “de zum Jager’n”.

Above all, we can manufacture interchangeable barrels in practically all calibres, as long as the geometrical conditions (butt plate, cartridge diameter, cartridge length, …) and the gas pressure are in order. It must be noted that the magazine still functions after a calibre change.

We probably have one of the most extensive ranges of stock reamers in Europe. Nevertheless, it may happen that we do not have a reamer for your particular calibre. In this case, we will pass on half the purchase costs (usually approx. 150€ – 200€) to you and the reamer will remain with us.

Of course, it depends on the purpose and the distance.

The following list contains the top ten calibres our customers have chosen recently with the percentage distribution:

222 Rem Predators, Roosters, Marmots Up to 200m Very precise calibre but susceptible to wind
6 x 51 Atzl Up to 300m Very precise calibre for shaved resistance
6 PPC Very precise calibre for shaved resistance
6,5 Creedmoor Deer,
Red deer,
Up to 600m Precise calibre, suitable for 300
7mm – 08 Deer,
Red deer,
Up to 600m Performance like 7 x 57 in a shorter strokes and modern transition
308 Win Deer,
Red deer,Wild boar,Sport
Proven calibre for hunting and sport and short barrels
270 Win Knirsal,

Hunting calibre

30 – 06 Knirsal,

Hunting calibre

270 WSM Deer,
Red deer,Wild boar
Up to 400m
300 WSM Deer,
Red deer,Wild boar
Up to 500m
300 NormaMag Deer,
Red deer,Wild boar,Sheep
338 LapuaMag Red deer,
Wild boar,Sheep
338 RCM Red deer,
Wild boar,Sheep
Up to 500m

Attached you’ll find a list with the compatibilities.


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