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Stand and work closely together, to achieve anything.

From the gunsmith apprenticeship to the 30-year celebration with over 20 employees. Our succes story.

  • Training as a gunsmith – BS Ferlach
  • Founding of the company „Bix`n Andy“, at first only as a gunsmith’s shop, trading with licensing examination for weapons and ammunition
  • Series production of our custom-made hunting rifles
  • Series production of our custom-made –
    benchrest rifle „Alusta 1130 & 300“
  • Gunsmith master’s exam
  • Development and production of own ammunition “6×51 Atzl”.
  • Vice World Champion Benchrest 100m HV – World Championship Toblach / South Tyrol
  • As of 1996 multiple titles as regional, county and country champion in various disciplines. Team and solo competitions, multiple wins in hunting competitions
  • District champion in a wide variety of disciplines in team and
    individual competition, as well as frequent victories in hunting shooting competitions.
  • European champion Benchrest 200m LV –
    European Championship Toblach / Südtirol
  • Start of handgun tuning and production
  • Expansion of the production by
    a CNC machining center
  • Series production of the self-made hunting rifle “de zum
  • Production of the precision bullet “BR.666er Atzl – handmade”
  • General importer for Austria of “BORDER” barrels
  • Production of the self-made
    three-point support assembly “Atzl-Threepoint”
  • Development and production of the new
    benchrest model “HAWK”
  • First self-drawn stainless barrel in 6PPC caliber
  • Expansion of
    our production hall
  • Extension of the machine fleet by 2
    CNC machines
  • Construction of an underground shooting channel from 50 to 200 meters
  • Development and generation of a BR system in stainless construction and
    series production of the new bullet triggers First export of bullet triggers to the USA
  • 13 new world records with our ball triggers
  • Development of the Remington
    double stage trigger
  • Design and manufacturing of the novel Elypse BR system
    from titanium construction and fabrication of the carbon- balsa BR shaft
  • Relocation of the
    company into a larger company building
  • Construction and manufacturing of the new „de zum Jager’n” with handcocking system
  • 25 year celebration
  • Presentation of the new hunting rifle “De zum Jager`n” with the new patented hand cocking “Super-Safe”.
  • Construction of the Tacsport trigger
  • Construction of the Dakota trigger
  • Company expansion and extension of the production halls
  • Integration of an enlarged state-of-the-art machine park
  • European Championship (2022) with victory in various competitions

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