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Our triggers

Triggers for hunting and shooting sports

250 to 2000 grams
TACSport Pro
100 to 1000 grams
REM700 Dakota
450 to 2000 grams
Rem Competition TwoStage
30 to 500 grams
REM700 Competition SingleStage
30-800 grams
SAKO 85 Competition
75-800 grams
Sako Dakota
400-2000 grams
Sako Quad Competition
75 to 800 grams
Sako Competition S491
75 to 800 grams
Sako S20 Dakota
400 to 2000 grams
Tikka Dakota
400 to 2000 grams
TIKKA T3/T3x/T1x Competition
75-800 grams
98er Dakota (from 2023)
350 to 1000 grams
150 to 1200 grams
Barnard Competition
30 to 500 grams
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Standard components

No rifle without these standard components

How it works
This trigger system utilizes the simple yet effective properties of staggered balls. Due to the special arrangement, the bullets try to deflect sideways. Due to the already greatly reduced force of the firing pin, a low trigger weight is possible with absolute safety.
The installation of the fume cupboards is generally very simple and can be carried out by anyone with just a little manual skill. However, it is generally recommended to have the installation carried out by a specialist. What exactly has to be done during installation is described in detail in the enclosed instructions (also available as download).

The urge for ever better and finer triggers for precision shooting sports and precise shooting in hunting led to the development of a completely new trigger system. The simple idea of arranging balls in a staggered manner one above the other, thus achieving a favorable distribution of forces, was finally turned into a patented system. The resulting small design makes it possible to build a very good trigger even in very tight spaces, such as those found on the Blaser R93.