Blaser R93

ball deduction


By being able to finally accommodate a good deduction very small space, it was our first challenge to develop a finer deduction for the model R93 of the company Blaser. In this model, the entire mechanism of the trigger must be housed in the trigger guard. That is also the reason why so far was a trigger weight of less than 500 grams is not possible or no longer safe here. Using the patented Ball technology it is now possible to trigger weights of 70 grams (Mod. Sport) to achieve.


This model is designed for use in the hunt as well as at the shooting range. The trigger weight is from 150 – 1,000 grams adjustable.

This version is aimed at the ambitious sport shooter and has an adjustment range 50-500 grams.


The installation of the ball trigger is very simple and can be performed by anyone who can change a run at a Blaser R93. It must only solved 2 screws, the original deduction replaced by the pebble discharge and the screws are tightened again. However, we recommend to have them installed by your gunsmith.