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Carbon Rifles

Ultralight companion for every situation

Precision, safety and durability – these are the motives under which our widely known and equally appreciated sporting and hunting rifles are developed. It is only logical not to compromise on the high-quality materials. That is why we are one of only a few producers in Austria to offer not only sporting but also hunting rifles as carbon versions. Handmade and customisable.


High-quality materials for maximum precision

1. Handcocking system “Super-Safe”

Ergonomics was clearly the top priority in the idea for the new handcocking system. The tensioning movement is downwards, i.e. exactly in the direction in which the thumb is naturally strongest. This allows problem-free cocking in the stop also for ladies. Our “Super-Safe” handcocking system is the only one on the market that can be switched between automatic or manual mode. This increases safety enormously after “after-repetition” during hunting.

2. Bolt

The 9-guards locking system, already known from the predecessor model and equally proven, offers more than sufficient reserves even for the most gas-pressurised calibres. The further development of the manufacturing process as well as the adherence to the tightest tolerances result in a backlash-free and yet smooth lock movement.

3. Carbon block

Wood is a natural material that can naturally warp due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. These tensions can lead to poor lock action, reduction in precision and change in point of impact. The use of the modern and highly rigid material carbon eliminates this problem. A carbon bedding block formed and hardened in a hydraulic 100-ton press is glued into the shaft and ensures stress-free bedding of all components. This means that the natural material wood can be used in its most beautiful form without having to accept compromises in precision.

4. Dismountability

By means of three hexagon socket nuts made of tempered steel, which remain in the stock and are therefore captive, the system with barrel and scope can be easily removed from the stock and stowed in a case or backbag. The trigger remains in the stock and is thus optimally protected.

5. Mounting base

For the “de zum Jager’n”, Picatinny mounting bases as well as a continuous Picatinny rail are available in addition to the classic 11mm prism mounting bases. Should there still be any wishes left open, the system has the same drilling pattern as the Sauer 202 and is therefore compatible with most common mounting systems.

6. Action

The action is made of prehardened stainless steel, making subsequent heat treatment unnecessary and thus ensuring the straightness of the closure fit. The latch has the same diameter as the fastener, which means that the system is not weakened by longitudinal grooves as in other latch concepts, and thus retains its stability. Likewise, the magazine opening is kept as narrow as possible.

7. Carbon stock

The stock of our weapons fits perfectly in the hand, combining a classic shape with elegant lines. The carbon stock also has a shock-absorbing effect. The stock length of the “Custom” model can be freely selected and is adapted to the shooter.

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Andy Atzl

As a multiple winner of various European, state and national championships as well as vice world champion, our managing director and master gunsmith is your direct contact.

Standard components for our hunting rifles

Detailed information about the components of our precision rifles

System sizes are available for all calibers from .222 over all WSM to .338 Lapua Magnum. Completely stainless, made from the solid and the top side has the bore pattern for all common mounts. Additionally, a system with a direct milled and pre-sloped Picatinny rail is available. The underside of the system is designed as a polygon. The underside of the system is designed as a polygon.

The convincing precision of our rifles is consistently maintained by the integration of exclusively hand-lapped, self-drawn stainless barrels from our own production, checked for minimum tolerance. Cartridge bearings are manufactured in different dimensions as requested (e.g.: minimum bearing or benchrest bearing)

The stock is made of the most modern materials and technologies and are individually manufactured according to the latest
shooting requirements individually made to measure. You can choose between different designs, carbon and wood. These are made directly by us.

In all models you will find a new self-developed bedding system, which
creates the optimal connection between the shaft and the system and prevents impact point changes due to weather conditions. Therefore an
carbon block is glued into the shaft, on which the system is precisely centered via a polygon.

The trigger is a ball trigger patented by us. These triggers offer different adjustment ranges from 20 to 2000 grams. These guarantee an enormously fast shot development time and you can expect maximum minimization of inherent errors due to the low release force.

The magazine of each gun depends on the caliber size and in this case consists of a 3 – 5 shot carbon magazine. In development are extended magazines that can be ordered in the future directly from us in the gunsmith shop „Bixn-Andy“, which also hold 6 rounds in short magnum calibers.

The light continuous firing pin with manual cocking „Super-Safe“ results in approximately 50% shorter firing time compared to conventional weapons due to the extremely short firing distance.

Due to the Stainless barrels manufactured in benchrest quality, an above-average shooting performance can be expected. The results at international competitions feature the excellent precision of our weapons again and again.

The excellent practical handling of the hand cocking „Super-Safe“ is confirmed in all hunting situations.

In order to prevent the loss of the bolt, a bolt catch is located in an ergonomically suitable position.