standard components

What’s all part of a weapon


Many system variables (for all calibers from .222 WSM to all .338-378 Weath. Mag.) Completely rust-free, made from solid, top side integrated 11mm dovetail. In addition, a system with direct part milled and leaning forwards Picatinny rail is available.


Maintained Convincing precision consistently, by exclusively handgeläppte at minimal tolerance checked homebred Stainless runs. Cartridge bearings are as desired in various dimensions manufactured (e.g .: minimum stock or Bench Rest Camp)


The most modern materials and technologies, as well as individually manufactured according to the latest welding technology requirements to measure.

As a starting shape can be selected between a classical design and an elegant gunstock.


In all models, new self-developed Bettungssystem that makes the optimal connection between the shaft and system and Treffpunkt- position changes due to weather influences prevented. In this case, an aluminum block is glued in the shaft on which the system through a prism can be exactly centered.


Patented ball deduction with a range from 20 to 2000 grams. This enormously fast lock time and minimize unforced errors.


Depending on the caliber size 2 – 3 shot-bar magazine. In addition, extended magazines can be ordered, which can accommodate 4 shot even at short magnum calibres.


Light continuous firing pin with signal pin, a shorter by approximately 50% locktime over conventional weapons by the extremely short ignition path.


Scattering circle diameter depending on the caliber up to 6 mm, with 5 shots at 100 meters (with reloaded ammunition).


Ingrained 9 warts lock.


At the neck of the flask with integrated anti-rotation lock closure.